About AMED

AMED company has been present on market for over 10 years. During this time we have aimed at improving our services, our products and our relations with Customers. Our company’s mission is to deliver products and services which consequently fulfil  and even exceed our Customers’ expectations.

Since the year 2000 AMED company has been realizing our major objective to provide the most complex and diverse range of products characterized by high quality, good price and safety of use.

In our offer, we provide a wide range of products for doctors of various medical specialisations such as Gynaecology, Ultrasonography, Infertility and Diagnostics, Laryngology and Ophthalmology and also General Medicine. We also provide “door-to-door” delivery services.

AMED Gynaecology department is dedicated for medical doctors who want to use high quality and safe equipment which is also offered at good price. We gradually expand and diversify our offer so that it is complete and competitive. At the very moment AMED company provides products to almost 5000 gynaecologist in Poland, which makes AMED an acknowledged leader in this market segment. Moreover, for almost 2 years we have been successfully supplying clinics from Germany and the Netherlands.

Our goal and ambition is, apart from being a leader on the Polish market, to be also an effective and trustworthy supplier for medical doctors from other European countries by providing them with products and services of high quality and good price.

Our motto is: AMED - Products You Can Rely On. High Quality, Good Price and Safety Guaranteed!

Products offered by AMED are designed and manufactured in a way to consistently meet high standards of quality and performance. Each and every product from our range has all the necessary safety and quality certificates of respected notified bodies such as German TUV Rheinland, English SGS United Kingdom Ltd., SNCH Luxemburg or Norwegian Det Norske Veritas AS.  All of the above certifications guarantee that our products are safe and reliable.