Terms & Conditions

I. Definitions

Notions used in store`s regulations mean:

1. Client – private person, legal entity or organizational unit without legal entity though possessing a legal capacity, placing order in the Store;
2. Civil Code – the Act from the 23rd of April 1964 (Dz. U. No 16. Pos.93);
3. Regulations – present Online Store Regulations of Rendering Electronic Services in the online store shop.AphroditeTest.com;
4. Online Store (Store) – online service available under the address shop.AphroditeTest.com, in which Client can place Order;
5. Goods  - products presented in the Online Store;
6. Contract of sale – contract of sale of the goods within the meaning of the Civil Code, between AMEDCompany and a Client;
7. The Act on Special Terms and Conditions of Consumer Sale– the Act form the 27th of July 2002 on Special Terms and Conditions of Consumer Sale and on Civil Code changes (Dz. U. No 141 pos. 1176) 27th of July;
8. The Act on Rendering Electronic Services – the Act form the 18th of July 2002, on Rendering Electronic Services (Dz. U. No 144, pos. 1204);
9. Order – declaration of Client`s intent, heading for a contract of sale and defining the kind and number of Goods.
II. General Terms and Conditions
2.1 The herein Regulations defines the rules of using the online store available under the address www.sklep.amed.net.pl
2.2 The herein Regulations is a regulations mentioned in article 8 of the Act on Rendering Electronic Services
2.3 Online Store functioning under the address www.sklep.amed.net.pl is owned by AMED Robert Ochedzan seated in Kalisz, 21/3 Hanki Sawickiej Street, Poland,  registered in the Register of Business Activity maintained by the Mayor of Kalisz No. 22178/2000 since February 2000, hereinafter referred to as ‘AMED’ or ‘Store’.
2.4 The herein regulations defines in particular:

a) Rules of making a registration and using an account in online store
b) Rules and conditions of placing an electronic order in the online store
c) Rules of making the Contracts of sale

2.5 Using an online store is possible if the computer system which is used by the Client fulfils the minimal technical requirements:

a) Web browser

2.6 In order to use an online store, Client should get an access to computer with the Internet
2.7 According to the valid laws, AMED Company reserved itself a possibility of restraining the services of the Online Store to a person who is 18 years old. In such case potential Clients will be informed.
2.8 Clients can get an access to the herein Regulations in every time through the medium of the reference mark on the home page of the service or download and print it.
2.9 Information about the Goods placed on Online Store`s websites in particular its descriptions, technical and operational parameters and prices, constitutes an invitation to signing a contract of sales within the meaning of article 71 of the Civil Code.
III. Rules of using Online Store

3.1 Registration in the Online Store is a condition under which Client can start using it.
3.2 Registration is made after fulfilling and accepting the registration form, available on one of Store`s websites.
3.3 If Client wants to register, he/she has to accept the Regulations and give all the necessary personal data.
3.4 AMED Company may deprive Client form possibility of using Online Store, company can also restrains Clients access to the part or a whole of Store`s supplies in case of violating the Regulations if:

a) Client gave an untrue, invalid or inaccurate data during the registration or violate laws of a third party,
b) Client committed an infringement of personal goods of a third party, in particular personal goods of other clients,
c) Client committed some other activities which are considered inconsistent with the valid laws and general rules of using the Internet or in any way jeopardize the good name of AMED Company.

3.5 Person who is deprived form the right to buy in online store, can`t register  again unless has AMED`s consent
3.6 In order to ensure the security of messages` transmission and data concerning services provided, Online Store takes technical and organizational means which aims to prevent gaining and modifying personal data by unauthorized people.
3.7 Client is obliged not to:

a) Provide or pass contents which are forbidden by legal rules for example contents which promote aggression, infringe or slander personal goods and other rights of third parties,
b) Undertake such activities as: sending and placing spams in the Online Store.

Client is in particular obliged to:

a) Use Online Store in a way that does not interfere in its functioning by using particular softwares or devices,
b) Use Online store in a way that is not strenuous for other clients and for AMED Company
c)  Use all the content of the Online Store for his/her own, personal use.
d)  Use Online Store in a way that is in accordance with Polish law, Regulations and general rules of using Internet.
IV. Contract of sale - procedure

4.1 In order to make a contract of sale by means of Online Store, you should enter the www.sklep.amed.net.pl website, choose the goods and take following steps according to the guidelines on the website.
4.2 Client chooses the ordered goods by adding them to the cart.
4.3 While placing the order – till the moment of clicking the “buy” button- Client can modify it. In order to do that, he/she has to follow the announcements and information on the website.
4.4 When process of fulfilling the form is completed, Client will see the summary of the order. The summary contains the information concerning:

a) The ordered goods
b) Unit and total price of the ordered goods or services including costs of shipment and possible additional costs,
c)  Method of payment
d)  Way of delivery
e)  Time of delivery

4.5 In order to send the Order, Client has to accept the content of the Regulations, give personal data and click “Order” button.
4.6 By sending the Order, Client agrees to sign a contract of sale with AMED Company according to the Regulations` content.
4.7 After placing the Order, Client receives an email which contains the final confirmation of all important elements of the Order.
4.8 The contract is drawn up when Client receives an email confirming the Order.
4.9 The contract is drawn up in Polish language.
4.10 Fixation, protection, disclosure and confirmation of the essential provisions of the contract of sale of the Goods is through an email that is sent on Client`s address and through the VAT invoice.
4.11 Clients, who place the order also agree to draw up a sale document without their signature.

V. Delivery (cost and time of delivery)

5.1 Goods are delivered at the address that is indicated by the Client.

5.2. Shipping costs are calculated individually. For that reason, please contact the AMED team directly.

5.2 The delivery is made by the means of Polish Mail or courier transport.
5.3 Shipping and time of delivery

All orders are sent within 24 hours upon payment by means of Polish Mail (priority registered parcel) or courier unless there are special goods ordered on request.

-      the time of delivery is counted from the day of booking money on the Store`s account (in the case of bank transfer it`s usually 1-2 days, in the case of payment by credit card – 1 day).
VI. Prices and methods of payment

6.1 Prices of the Goods are in euro and contain all the elements including tax, custom and any other elements.
6.2 Ways of payment

a) payment before delivery: bank transfer or credit card

 Bank account for payments:



 EUR Bank account No.:  PL16 2490 0005 0000 4600 7309 4488 (for payments in EUR)

USD Bank account No.:  PL02 2490 0005 0000 4600 8119 4434 (for payments in USD)

6.3 In case of lack of payment within 14 days (if that was the chosen option), the order will be cancelled. Client will be informed about the fact by phone call or by email.
VII. Complaints concerning Goods

7.1 As a seller AMED Company is responsible for incompatibility of the Contract of sale of the Goods, bought by the consumer, in a range that is defined by the Act on Special Terms and Conditions of Consumer Sale.
7.2 Complaints which result from the infringement of Client`s right that are guaranteed by law or herein Regulations, should be sent on email address: info@amed.net.pl. AMED Company is obliged to consider complaint within 14 days or to inform Client when his/her complaint will be considered.
7.3 AMED Company is not a manufacturer of the Goods. It is producer who takes the responsibility for the guarantee and all the conditions included in the warranty. If the warranty provides such possibility, Client can submit his/her claims directly in the authorized service which address can be found in the warranty.

VIII. Complaints concerning rendering electronic services

8.1 AMED Company undertakes actions so that the Store functions properly in a range that results from the actual technical knowledge. Company also commit oneself to remove -in a reasonable time- all the irregularities submitted by Clients.
8.2 Client is obliged to inform AMED Company about any irregularities or breaks in Store`s functioning .
8.3 Client can submit the irregularities connected with the Store`s functioning by mail on our company address: AMED, 23 Chopin street, room 305; 62-800 Kalisz, Poland or by email on info@amed.net.pladdress by using contact form.
8.4 The complaint should contain name and surname of the Client, address for correspondence, kind and date of the irregularities in Store`s functioning.
8.5 AMED company commit oneself to consider any complaint within 14 days, unless it is not possible then Client will be informed when complaint will be considered.
IX. Privacy and security policy

9.1 All the data which our Clients send via Store`s order form are protected according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Data from the 29th of August 1997 (Dz.U. No. 101 pos.929).
9.2 Client has a full right to an insight into his personal data, he/she can also correct or even remove the personal details from Store`s database according to the Act on Rendering Electronic Services from the18th of July 2002 (Dz. U. No. 144 pos.1204). In every moment, Client can send a written order by mail on the company`s address or by email on info@amed.net.pladdress.
9.3 By placing an order in our Store, Client states that all the personal data are true and agree on its processing for marketing purpose. The data will also be used in order to execute the order by AMEDCompany based in Kalisz, 21/3 Hanki Sawickiej Street. Client agrees on using his/her phone numbers and email address in order to send the information of a commercial nature. In every moment, Client can withdraw his consent by sending a written order by mail on the company`s address AMED, 21/3 HankiSawickiej Street, 62-800 Kalisz, Poland or via email on info@amed.net.pl. AMED Company guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data, access to its content and possibility of correction according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Data from the 29th of August 1997 (Dz. U. No. 101 pos. 929).
9.4 If client does not order the removal of his data, it will be stored until next order in compliance with all applicable standards of confidentiality.
9.5 In order to protect all the data of our Clients send via registration/transaction forms, our Shop has a SSL account (SSL IAI Inc. certificate). SSL Certificate is used in order to code the data send in the internet between a user and a server.

X.  Information about cookie files.  

10.1               The Website uses cookies.

10.2.               Cookie files (so-called "cookies") are computer data, mainly text files, that is stored in end-devices of the Website User and is intended for use with the pages of the Web Service. Typically, cookies contain the name of a website from which they come, their storage time on end-devices and a unique number.

10.3.               The Website Operator places cookies in Website Users' end-devices and has direct access to them.

10.4.               Cookies are used for the following purposes:

a. creating statistics that help to understand how Website Users use web pages, which may lead to improvement of the structure and its content; b. maintaining Website Users' session (after logging in) due to which each user does not have to retype the name and password after browsing the pages;

c. determining user profile in order to display advertising materials that are matched to this profile, in particular Google Network.  

10.5.               The Website uses mainly two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored in the end-device of the User until logging-out, leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored in the end-device of the User for a specified time that is determined in cookie parameters or until the User deletes them.

10.6.               Software for browsing websites (a browser) usually allows storing cookies on users' end-devices by default. Website Users can change these settings. The web browser allows deleting cookies. It is also possible to block cookies automatically. Details of how to do so can be found in the help section or the browser documentation.

10.7.               Restrictions on the use of cookies may influence some of the functions available on the Website pages.

10.8.               Advertisers and partners cooperating with the Website Operator can also use cookies placed on Website Users’ end-devices. 10.9.               We recommend that you read the privacy protection policies of these companies to be aware  how cookie files are used in statistics: Google Analytics Privacy Policy

10.10.            Ad networks may use cookies, especially Google, to display ads that are matched to the specific use of the Website. They may keep the information about the user's navigation paths and time spent on a given page.

10.11.            In terms of information on user preferences gathered by the Google ad network, each user can view and edit the information in the cookies with the use of the following tool: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/ 

XI. Final resolutions

11.1 The settlement of any disputes aroused between AMED Company and the Client, who is a consumer within the meaning of article 221 of the Civil Code, is subjected to the jurisdiction of the proper courts according to the provisions of the Civil Code.
11.2 The settlement of any disputes aroused between AMED Company and the Client, who is not a consumer within the meaning of article 221 of the Civil Code, is subjected to the jurisdiction of the proper courts with regard to AMED Company`s seat.
11.3 To all the matters not settled herein Regulations shall apply the regulations of the Civil Code, regulations of the Act on Rendering Electronic Services and other suitable regulations of Polish law.